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Michael Gold
Michael Gold
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We’re super excited to introduce “305” — the first NFT collection made with our procedural NFT design software.

This collection is a collab with CityCoins, the group responsible for MiamiCoin, and features 305 rare coins modeled parametrically using their permanent metadata.

You can check out the coins in 3D on our homepage

Each time you refresh the page you’ll see a new procedurally generated 3D coin, and if you’re on a mobile device, you can tap “view in your space” to interact with the coin in augmented reality.

We’re offering a number of perks to people who join us on this journey as holders of the 305 collections.


  • 12/30/21 – LIVE @ 4PM EST: Shaderverse ‘305’ Finale & Collection Wrap Party on Twitter Spaces – join us to celebrate the closing of our mint & burning party!
  • 1/1/22 – Social AR Videos to flex your NFT in 3D AR & celebrate the New Year with 305 MIA Coin holders around the world using the hashtag #305NFT
  • 1/31/22 – Get a unique physical 3D printed version of your 305 coin NFT shipped to all 305 holders
  • 2/1/22 – Mint Pass to next CityCoins collab, NewYorkCoin 212 coin drop; free for all holders who mint a 305 coin in 2021

305 is an experiment from Shaderverse, a chain agnostic ecosystem & 3D generative art toolkit for metaverse-ready assets that can be seen in 3D AR, 3D printed, and scaled into generative collections. We’ve started our experiments on Stacks and have collaborations with artists set up for chains including ETH, Polygon, FLO, SOL, etc.. that we’ll announce in 2022.

Collecting a 305 earns you a foundational asset that defines you as an OG in the Shaderverse before we expand with creators in 2022!


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