We believe that to make lasting 3D art for the Metaverse, you have to do things a bit differently.

We're on a mission to help artists bring new forms of generative 3D art collections to the Metaverse, and facilitate the communities around these collections

We know the way to do this is:

  • to break down barriers-- reduce technical hurdles that artists face when generating and rendering their art on the blockchain.
  • to enhance interoperability-- ensure that collecters receive NFTs as game-ready assets that are compatible with todays devices, while also retaining the ability to leverage the real-time rendering capabilities of future devices.
  • to educate on new methods for making generative art.

How we do it:

We've developed extensions to Blender, the world's most popular open-source software for 3D asset creation, that allow us to generate and render 3D art directly from Blender to the blockchain.

  • Collaborations: We're partnering with select artists and companies to handle the technical side of making 3D generative art collections.
  • Experimentation: We have some awesome experiments planned out, and we'll be sharing some NFTs with our community.
  • Curation: We're educating artists on how to make generative 3D art with Blender 3.0 (without coding). Stay tuned for our curated collection, coming soon.

What we value:

  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Credibility

If you are someone who shares our values, we'd love to have you come on this adventure with us.

We want people 100 years from now to be able to appeciate the 3D generative art NFT collections that are made today.

Michael Gold

Co-founder of Shaderverse

Our Team

Our team has a background innovating in the 3D graphics space and building large communities.

How Artists Make 3D Generative Art NFT Collections with Shaderverse